Gigs 1994

21.11 @ Kaffi Reykjavik, Reykjavik.
We play 4 songs plus "Hann mun aldrei gleym'enni" from "Smekkleysa i halfa old", which Runar Juliusson drove specially from
Keflavik to sing with us. This is a record releasing party for "ae". Members of the band are Heida, Thor Eldon, Dr.Gunni, Obo
on drums and Johann Johannsson on keyboards.

02.12 @ Kolaportid wharehouse, Reykjavik.
Plus loads of bands. Bad Sound, Bad gig.

08.12 @ Thjodleikhuskjallarinn, Reykjavik.
Plus poets Megas and Sjon. Sponsored by Smirnoff. We play our first full program with songs from "ae" plus 2 covers by
Fraebbblarnir, our favorite punk band (we had used a sample from their song "Hippar" on "Sidasta syning" so we invited them
to the gig. Fraebbblarnir liked our covers so much they decide to reform). Also Runar Juliusson travels south to do his bit,
which makes everyone go ape. We also cover one of his own songs, "Kronur". This is a very good and successful gig and a full

16.12 @ Tunglid, Reykjavik.
Plus Kolrassa krokridandi, Maus, Curver and perhaps someone else. A Bad Taste night. Fine.

17.12 @ Ras 2, Reykjavik.
We play 4 accoustic songs live on the radio. Heida has a cold and we aren't really an accoustic band. Oh well...

18.12 @ Perlan, Reykjavik.
A benefit concert for single mothers. Loads of bands. Empty house. Crap.

26.12 @ Hotel Island, Reykjavik.
Plus loads of bands. Full house of drunk teenagers. Before we go on stage the electricity goes down for half an hour.
Everything is dark and the kids scream blasted out of their little heads, riot around the corner. When the electricity comes back we go on doing "Skammhlaup - Blow my Fuse" dedicated to the black out - smart, doncha think?

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