Gigs 1996

20.01 @ G-Mex, Manchester, U.K.
Plus Bjork and The Brodski Quartet. We were supposed to play the night before in Sheffield, but our back line didn't arrive in
time. My left leg is in a cast because I broke it on New Year's Eve in a freak accident involving a tiny drag queen and too much rum. I have to sit on the stage, which is not very "rock 'n' roll" - fuck that. The rider is cool. Someone finds a wheelchair and drives me on stage. We play a "best of" and the crowd thinks it's ok.

22.01 @ A Mall, Bournemouth, U.K.
Plus Bjork and The Brodski Quartet. Smaller and better. We are tighter and the crowd likes us more.

24.01 @ Dublin Castle, Camden, London, U.K.
Plus two local bands whose names I have forgotten. This is a gig for some A&R people who flock to see us. Tiny club, good sound, good gig.

25.01 @ Wembley Arena, London, U.K.
Plus Bjork and Goldie. It's ok.

29.02 @ Thjodleikhuskjallarinn, Reykjavik.
Plus Botnledja. I'm rid of the cast but I have a cane. British A&R hounds come over to see us. Then we all get drunk and stupid.

27.03 @ New Powerhaus, London, U.K.
Plus some local bands. I can walk! All the record company people in town attend, I'm told. We are swell. And then we get drunk.

29.03 @ Tonabaer, Reykjavik.
We are the guest band at the "Music experiments", the local "battle of the bands" thing in Iceland. We do two sets. This is the final night.

17.06 @ Laekjartorg, Reykjavik.
Another Independant's day ball. The same thousands of drunk teenagers. Pall Oskar appears out of nowhere and does "Astin dugir" with us. A big flock of British A&R people are there to see us. Matthias Hemstock's last gig with Unun.

26.07 @ Rosenberg, Reykjavik.
Plus Fraebbblarnir and Q4U. We get to support our all time punk heroes. In that case we do a faboulous punk rock gig plus
we do 4 new songs. The last song is "Surprise" by Purrkur Pillnikk which Einar Orn joins us on the stage for. The is the first gig
for Unun' third drummer, Birgir Baldursson. Me and him have been playing together with S.H.Draumur and Bless so we're tight as shit. The best rhythm section in Iceland no doubt.

14.09 @ Hotel Budir, Snaefellsnes
Unplugged Unun at this country hotel under the volcano/glacier Snaefellsjokull. We owed a lot at the bar from our earlier stays
there and had to do something about it. The local band Hundslappadrifa supports. Magga jumps in and plays accordium, but
Valgeir is not with us this time. We practise for 3 days, then play our songs in strange and country-like versions. The crowd of
100 locals and hotel guests like it plenty. So do we. It's freezing outside yet we manage to take a drunk picnic in a cave under the ground. Thor looses his brand new Zippo. Now we offer a price for whoever finds it. Try looking in the Brugg-cave.

14.10 @ Camden Monarch, London, U.K.
We play another empty shithole in Camden for a handful of "music business" people. The stage is small and the stage sound is crap. Naturally we are kinda crap too.

15.10 @ Astoria 2, London, U.K.
With The Wannadies and Davey. We decide to be great and we are. I pity them Swedes in The Wannadies to be after us.

09.11 @ Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
Unun is part of a 4 day Europian mini-festival, along with 14 other groups. We headline the last gig, The Pansies (from Finland)
and Los Planetas (from Spain) are before us. This gig is recorded for all sorts of Europian radios. We are tight and powerful. I'd say this is our best gig yet. Unun! Unun! Unun!

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