Gigs 1997

10.05 @ Laugardalsholl, Reykjavik.
Supporting Skunk Anansie with Botnledja and Sodin Fidla. Tickets for this gig sold out weeks before and the place is packed,
mostly with young kids, straight from their comfirmation party. It's our first gig in Iceland for almost a year and we're recieved
warmly. Needless to say, we all get drunk after nicking some sandwiches from Skunk's backstage room.

16.05 @ Hotel Island, Reykjavik.
We get a call from the University. They want us to play at their final term ball.Ok, we say, we need the cash but we can only play 1 hour so you'll have to find a 2nd band. They bring in Greifarnir - a band I'd rather have killed myself than play aside 10 years ago - but, Y'know, you get a little more lenient as the years pass. The ball goes fine, oh yeah.

27.06 @ Yellow Tent, Roskilde Festival, Denmark
The first time Unun plays a regular big style rock and roll and rock festival. I stay with friends in a village through the whole
festival to catch up on some bands I wanna see. Seeing Bob Hund (an amazing band from Sweden) and Isaac Hayes do The
Theme from Shaft were easily the highlights of the time. Playing was rather cool too. It was raining heavily when we started at
14:30 so the tent was just full of people. Two nice fellows from Lithuania throw a stuffed toy cow on me and later come back
stage and promise me a tractor when I come to Lithuania. For some reason my bald skull steams through the whole concert,
like it's on fire or something. Maybe it was because my girlfriend was in the audience, seeing me play live for the first time.

28.07 @ Barfly, The Falcon, London
A little gig in London to celebrate our first single which is actually coming out a month later. The place is a hole in Camden and
it's hotter in there than Georgia asphalt. The room is damp with body fluids of us and the cream of the crop of English music
business who's who (I'm told). We shake hands with some people afterwards, including the damp palm of a very famous and a
very drunk pop star. "Who was that drunk", Bix asks us afterwards at the bar at the very posh Clifton Ford Hotel. The
bartender there, Salah, is our friend and asks us what we do. "Uh, we play in a pop group", we say. "Really!", he exclaims, "I
thought you were a bunch of hairdressers because you look so happy!" Then the night goes on with discussions about antiques
and bag pipes. Oh joy!

05.09 @ Laugardalsholl, Reykjavik
Supporing Skunk Anansie again with P.P.Ponk. It's a fine gig. We play "Driven" for the first time live, and "Kung Fu Blue" and
"You do not exist" with a sequenced beat.

01.10 @ Gaukur á stöng, Reykjavik
"Gaukurinn" as this place is usually called is Iceland's oldest pub. They have live music almost every night but for some reason
Unun have never played there before. P.P.Ponk supports us both the nights.

02.10 @ Gaukur á stöng, Reykjavik
Gaukurinn again. We play fast and furiously cos we dig it so much.

30.10 @ Camden Monarch, London
Unun have embarked on the "I SEE RED" tour around Britain. This is the first gig. Heave and Antacid are bands that play with
us tonight. Thor and Valgeir have the best kebab of their lives on the way back to the hotel (Hotel Columbia - where every
pathetic rock musician of this miserable planet has stayed and whored.)

31.10 @ Hare and Hound, Birmingham
Arni, the sixth Unun-er, drives the van. We sit tight and throb in air tight space. England is totally ugly. There is no landscape,
just blurred fog. Then we come to Birmingham, one of the countries ugliest towns. The poster reads FEATURING
THOR ELDON EX-SUGARCUBES in bolder letters than unun. The place is next door to a bingo hall and the scattered
crowd looks like they should rather be playing bingo. Two fat slags hassle us after the gig, demand a refund and sing Bonnie Tyler songs.

01.11 @ King's Tut, Glasgow
THE place in Glasgow, I'm told. Nice place f'sure. Scotland looks much better than England. Glasgow is a fine town. The junk
food is served in heaped porportions and even I get digestion problems. The sausage is pale and the gig goes well.

03.11 @ Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
Wales looks even better than Scotland. It must be the home of Postman Pat cos the landscape is all hilly and nice. This is probably the best gig of the whole tour. Nice non-stuck up crowd.

04.11 @ The Army and Navy, Chelmsford
A lunatic must have designed this shitty little town cos we spend eternity in the van trying to find the bar. Finally we do. It's a
small place. A band called Sugarglider plays before us. Heida likes the teenage drummer, but she even likes the Jelly-Belly
automat more.

06.11 @ Night and Day, Manchester
At a sudden glance Manchester looks the most miserable of all the cities we see, probably because we see a man puking in the
gutter outside our hotel. The crowd to the gig all seems to be on something and afterwards the owner gives us V.I.P cards and asks us to some party. We sneak out before any damage is done.

07.11@ Bass Clef, Northamton
Ah Northamton, the jewel of England... What a crappy place! The Bass Clef is somekinda warehouse disco and the clientele
looks like it's 1982 and Alien Sex Fiend is back on top (oh I see, it's 1997 and it's Marylin Manson!). Anyway, dangerous looking crowd that stares at us like ghouls on liver. Before we go on I have a incident with a stereotypical Hell's Angel dude who wants to give me tension, but then laughs and says he's from Sweden and skol! The club manager offers Arni dope and prostitutes before he coughs up the fee.

08.11 @ Union Bar, Maidstone
The worst gig ever. We share people's attention with pin ball machines. Afterwards the bartender at the country hotel stays up
late serving us his speciality, the "Blue Fuck" cocktail. He divorces his wife the next week.

10.11 @ Barfly, The Falcon, London
Back to the hottest club hole in London. We sweat like muthafucks. The place is packed. Satellite Beach are on the bill too. A
fine end to a fine tour, I reckon.

26.11 @ Gaukur á stöng, Reykjavik
A fuckin' brilliant gig cos it's just pure fun to play those songs tonight. Vinyll, one of Iceland's best new bands support us.

27.11 @ Gaukur á stöng, Reykjavik
This might just be the most accidentally fucked up Unun gig ever, cos I break two E-strings in my basses and Thor breaks one string in his guitar. The gig is therefore interupted by rather awkward gaps of silence which would have been ok if the whole gig would not have been broadcasted live on Bylgjan, one of Iceland's radio stations. Who cares? No one!

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