Gigs 1998

04.06 @ Hedins-skemman, Reykjavik.
At the Popp i Reykjavik festival along with almost every worthful band in Iceland. There's so many bands that we only do 5
songs, the stuff from the Bones EP plus a brand new hit; "I'm Your Radio", or "Vid Vid Vidtaekid" as it's currently known in

02.07 @ Midt fyn Festival, Danmark
At this festival in Fyn we play @ 3:30 for several hundred curious listeners. The festival is full of young farmer types, most of
them pretty louded. Our set is: I'm A Radio, Heim á Hellissand, (new song) Coma, Bones, Vé la Gonzesse!, Driven, I see red
Kung Fu Blue, You Do not exist and Astin dugir. Nick Cave is played later on so some of us stick around. After this gig we go
back to Iceland and start seriously to make Unun's second album..

06.11 @ 22, Reykjavik
The "difficult" second album "OTTA" is out so we celebrate at the small club 22 where the sweat hangs in the air. The new
line-up is Viddi-bass, Doddi-drums, Birna-keys, Heida-vox/guitar, Dr. Gunni-guitar/vox. No old songs are played so the setlist is as thus: Ordin Tom, Rokkur, Heimsendir, Daudi a minibar, Vid vid vidtaekin, Mexico, Geimryk, Gaerastar, Sumarstulkublus. For encore we do three oldies: I can't let go (Evie Sands), Leader of the pack (The Shangri-Las) and Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Abba). Afterwards we get comments like "Wow, it's a real band now" and "I've never seen Unun so good before", and sure, it's a fucking great gig.

19.11 @ Kaffileikhusid, Reykjavik
Another brilliant gig! Fraebbblarnir start the show and kick ass. Runar Juliusson follows with his first accoustic guitar concert ever. He's a mighty rock legend that has survived the 60's, the 70's, the 80's and grows old like fine wine. Unun ends the gig, makes too much mistakes, but sweats a plenty. For encore we get Valli from Fraebbblarnir to sing "Nekrofill i Paradis", and then Runar comes on stage again and sings "Hann mun aldrei gleym'enni", a standard hit we did with him way back,
and "Lifsgledi", a song that his old band Hljomar made famous. After all this the crowd naturally wants more so we totally rip Abba's "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" apart and mend it together with buckfulls of noise. I find the God of Noise and my hand shivers like a tree in a storm afterwards. Woweee!

22.11 @ Kringlan, Reykjavik
Unun plays few songs in front of Hagkaup in the fuckin' mall. I break a string.

04.12 @ Ras 2
Live at the Ras 2 radio on Mister Oli Palli's show. We rip thru five trax ending with a earwax-melting version of the fucking
Abba song. Later in the day we play "Geimryk" for Kolkrabbinn on TV.

05.12 @ Tjarnarbio, Reykjavik
This concert we call "Rock against hang over" and expect people to show up at 2 O'clock. We offer Magnyl (an asperin kinda
pill) and hot xmas tea, but almost nobody shows up even though writers Hallgrimur Helgason and Mikael Torfason and Sukkat, Ensimi and Botnledja (aka Silt) are also on the bill. Note for future: Never play at 2 O'clock on a Saturday.

11.12 @ Hitt husid, Reykjavik
Free concert at this youth club at 5 O'clock. Heida the guitar-molester breaks two stings in her guitar.

18.12 @ Japis, Reykjavik
Me, Heida and Doddi play 3 songs unplugged at a record shop. Everything for promotion, yes!

19.12 @ Loftkastalinn, Reykjavik
"Give me rock for my stockings" - xmas harvest rock gig. On the bill with Unun are Botnledja, Magga Stina, Bellatrix, Surefni, 200.000 naglbitar and writers Hallgrimur Helgason and Mikael Torfason. From 21.00 to 01.30 - Big rock deal but not that many people care or show up. I would call it a bummer if I wasn't so optimistic.

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