Gigs 1999

03.02 @ Thorscafe, Reykjavik.
We are back in the prostitute business ("We're all prostitutes", yes?) and decide to play a couple of balls to make some monee. So we spend some weeks practising songs like Disco 2000 (Pulp), Girls and boys (Blur), Here Comes Your Man & Gigantic
(Pixies), Partybaer (HAM), You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC) and five songs from Abba babb! Here we play this plus our own stuff. The place (normally a stripjoint) is packed with drunk collage kids from FG and MA. For 95% of the crowd it doesn't matter what's going on on the stage as long as it sounds like thump-thump-thump.

12.02 @ Sjallinn, Isafjordur.
We take our ball-program to Isafjordur to play for the collage kids there. Here we are met with totally different attitute cos the kids at Isafjordur know HOW TO ROCK. Probably the best gig in the ball-history of Unun. Afterwards we go and party till
dawn. Special thanks to Thorkell for driving us around and his poem.

19.02 @ Gaukurinn, Reykjavik.
Plus Orkuml. The weather is mega shitty so not that many folks show up for the ball.

11.03 @ Tonabaer, Reykjavik.
Once again we play as guests at the Battle of the bands at this youth center. This is the first of four semi-final nights, and the winner of the night, Minus (hard core extremists) end up being the winners of this years competition.

17.03 @ So What, Oslo, Norway.
Our 8 date tour starts with a great gig at this fine club in ugly Oslo. Our promoter Heidi and her friend come to pick us up at the airport in a rented van. Goin out of the parking lot they scrape the side of the car. The cost is 5000 NOK, a little less than the incoming money for the gig (a support gig for RadiOrakel - Oslo's cool female operated alternative radio). Anyway, we play along with The Loch Ness Mouse (nice Monkees/Teenage Fanclub/Beach Boys hybrid) and Sister Rain (Some kinda legends in the Norway scene). We get a great reaction from the people. It's a packed house. It's fun. And we're very happy!

19.03 @ Pulkvedim Neviens Neraksta, Riga, Latvia.
We have never been in Latvia before. We take the ferry to Tallinn, then drive to Parnu in a bus and then drive to Riga in a cool Renault. It's a nice ride and the country is exotic to us. We like how cheap everything is. We go ga-ga in the kiosks. We meet Richardo, our promoter under the statue of liberty (or the "green woman" as he calls it) in Riga. Then we walk around town, the Paris of the Baltics (as the tourist brochure says). The gig takes place at the hippest place in town. It has a tiny stage. We go to a gigantic water tower where there is a recording studio. Our support act, Sirke, is recording stuff there. We have a press conference (Unun's second ever!) in a record shop. It's all a bit weird, we're not used to the attention, y'know. We're also recorded for the TV at the club. Anyway, after Sirke plays (very good instrumental stuff, post-rock, Can etc) we do and rock fat.

20.03 @ Waldhof Music Factory, Parnu, Estonia.
The day after we drive from Riga to Parnu taking Sirke along. Parnu is not a big town but famous for it's good beaches (we're told). Timo runs the club, a big youth center-kinda place and an old communist factory, hence the name. A local band, Blind, is the 3rd band on the bill, a very big name in Estonia. They start and the crowd goes wild. The crowd goes less wild for Sirke and Unun, but that's ok as we have a box of Rock beer. (After Soviet fucked off one of the first things Estonians did was to start making Rock beer.) Unun plays thru Chechoslavian amps, brand Tesla, who sound like tractors. Also the light show reminds of a lighthouse. Good time, but our least great gig on this tour.

24.03 @ Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland.
THE place in Helsinki, where everybody eventually plays. The days before we've done Jyrke, a TV special, and some more interviews. We play with Honey B & The T-Bones and PLUM. The famous writers Einar Orn Gudmundsson and Einar Karason are in town (as part of the same "Icelandic week" as we) and the show starts with them screaming in front of the stage. Then lots of people show up and the atmo is electrifying.

25.03 @ Tahti, Kuopio, Finland.
We're on the road with Plum. We have a monster of a bus driven by Kari Vainekainen, a fine fine man who's also the soundmanager and the roadmanager. He does a good job in all departments. The gig takes place in a packed pub where the groove is a-happenin. My old boss, Heikonen from Bad Vugum, shows up.

26.03 @ Karen, Turku, Finland.
Kari, Plum and Unun drive for 7 hours. Then Turku. The venue is a student place. We rock. Full house. Some pervert is lying on the stage the whole time, touching his groin and trying to see under Heida's dress. Eventually she gets tired of this and during the encore she kicks his head in. Poor pervert is dragged out unconscious. Why do wimmen perverts never do this to me?

27.03 @ After Eight, Pietarsaari, Finland.
A no-bar youth-club. The attentants do not usually stand up or clap but they do tonight as Heida threatens them. Pietarsaari is the home of Plum so we go to a party at their rehearsal kingdom afterwards. Pipra vodka from Estonia etc. till dawn.

29.03 @ Jump Inn, Helsinki, Finland.
Our last gig this trip. Monday in Helsinki. We show "Rokk i Reykjavik" and some short films. The club is packed. I'm drunk and have to sit down. Heida is drunk but can stand. We flog the material. Then we all get even more drunk. End of tour.

09.06 @ Bors Night Club, Turku, Finland.
Unun goes again to Finland and this is our first gig on a 4-gig tour. The gig is a part of the "Down by the Lituary" festival and with us play two finnish acts, Ville Pusa and Crash. The club is very fancy, even too fancy, but it's kinda packed too. We play inside a little fence and it's dark, so we don't see much people. But they see us and like what we do. Turku is hoppin with action because of this festival and I witness some party guy shit his pants in the street in broad daylight. Fortunately he does the deed outside a 2nd hand shop so he is wearing new trousers when I meet him a bit later in the pub. A bit later I see his shitty pants in the gutter. One new song on the program: "Esja", which becomes everybody's favorite. Do we have a hit here, eh?

11.06 @ Tulli-Club, Tampere, Finland.
There's a heatwave so many people don't like to be indoors. But they who come enjoy us, Sirke from Latvia and Pansies from Finland.

13.06 @ Bar Mary, Porvoo, Finland.
Small and very very nice club in Finland's oldest village. The P.A. is kinda lousy so Heida kinda looses her cool and freaks out. Kinda fine gig still the same. Sirke plays too.

17.06 @ Gloria, Helsinki, Finland.
Fourth and last gig this round. Nice place. Sirke and Pansies play too. It's a fuckin' good gig and it ends with Viddi loosing control over his limbs and he attacks Heida and then me. In a feedback frenzy we all end up lyin' on the floor laughing and screaming. Nice!