Heida's hairy armpits

Mikko Kuorinki from Finland saw unun and fell in love with Heida's hairy armpits. He sent her some questions.

1. When did you first realise there was starting to grow hair in you armpits? What kind of emotions you felt that time?
I must have been around 12, sitting in the hot-pot of the swimming pool in my home-town, when a girl my age, pointed it out to me that I must start shaving my armpits. I had something like 3 almost invisible hairs at the time! I didn't really care myself, but as teenagers are, they all want to be the same, so for the next 2 years or so, I shaved my (almost invisible) hairs. Then I realized I wasn't doing it for anybody else, it was only I that had to be happy with me, so I stopped because I like my blond, soft armpit-hairs.

2. Why did't youave your armpits at the first place? is it some sort of statement? Lifestyle?
I refer to the answer above. But it has become some sort of a statement also, because I realized that some person must have thought up the idea of shaving women's armpit hair to begin with, and it bothers me. Why is hair ok under the arms of men but not women? I kinda think it must be a trick from the companies that make shaving related material, to be able to sell more products. Hair on the head for me is different, it´s more like clothes, it´s something people notice immedietly when they see a person, but body hair is sexy, because it is only for a few chosen to see (unless you stare under other people's arms, instead of listening to what that person is saying to you, when you meet her). And what if I was a man, would this discussion still take place?
3. What have your boyfriend/girlfriends thought about your armpits? What kind of feedback have you got from your armpits?
If somebody complains about it, then I know that it is not the right person for me. When somebody sees hair under the armpits as an obstacle, maybe thinks it is unsexy or uncool or something, and is more interested in that, than my mind, then that person doesn't deserve me!

4. Tell us about that incident you had with your ex-record company.
There wasn't an incident with the record company that I remember, but I remember when we were doing a video for the song "I See Red", and the director insisted I shave my hair. I refused at first, on the ground that this was a principle of mine, but gave in, and regretted it horribly when, 2 days later, the hair started to grow back, and it hurt terribly. So that was 2 and a half years ago, last time I ever do that shit!

5. Is there a message hidden behind those armpits?
If you're asking whether I have some ugly scars, or a bad tattoo or something hidden there, the answer is no. I'm quite a normally formed girl under all the hair.

6. Do you ever fear that your armpits will be more popular than unun?
I've never quite thought of it that way, but now that you mention it...

7. What does the future of your armpits look like?
The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades! 

Psst... hey you punk, wanna see Heida's hairy armpits?