Who are the mortal carcasses behind Unun?
Heida sings and plays guitar. She used to be a troubador. She studies philosophy and will be delivering mail this summer.
Dr. Gunni plays guitar and screams occasionally. He has been playing music since 1979. Ex-bands include S.H.Draumur and Bless + 3 solo 7"s (pigfucking punk) and one album (best selling children's album). He "works" as a journalist.
Birna plays the keyboard. That's the only thing she wants you to know about her.
Viddi plays bass. He has been in Kvartett O Jonsson og Grjoni and Quarashi. he has worked as a sound- and cameraman for TV and films. Him and Doddi have a studio called Skrifsstofan and a project they call Traktor.
Doddi was also in Kvartett O Jonsson og Grjoni and is in Traktor. He plays drums in Unun. He's in another band called Canada where he plays the bass. Former bands include Muzzolini and Vapp. He drives beds in the local hospital for a living.